Self-Evaluation Sheet

At Happy English, we aim to give high-quality lessons, and help our teachers develop. To achieve this, we use this self-evaluation form.

We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Teacher Name

Please check the box that best suits your answer.

Lesson Quality

1. Do you give students enough speaking opportunities?

2. Do you keep conversation topics appropriate?
(Inappropriate topics include relationships, money, politics, Japan bashing, sex etc...)

3. Do you try your best to accommodate the lessons to meet each students' goals, needs and interests?

4. Do you try to improve your teaching skills?

Please write how you try to do so?


1. Do you arrive at the lesson site at least 5min. prior to the lesson begins?

2. Do you follow the Happy English Cancellation Policy in case of teachers/students cancellation within 24hrs from the scheduled time?

3. Do you teach in appropriate attire? (Smart casual)

4. Do you ever cancel lessons on the day?

5. Do you keep scheduled lesson appointments after they have been arranged?

6. Do you reply to students' / Happy English's emails and phone calls within 24 hours?

7. (Only for teachers who have Level Up Course Students, and/or corporate classes) Do you keep lesson records precise and cover the necessary information?

8. (Only for teachers who have Level Up Course Students, and/or corporate classes) Do you turn in reports before the due date?

Happy English Policies

1. Renegotiating the lesson fee, cancelation policy, or ever give a discount

2. Eating or smoking during lessons

3. Touching students in any manner

4. Reselling CD's, books, tickets or any other products

5. Borrowing, lending money or books etc...

6. Making negative comments about other teachers or staff members

7. Introducing non-Happy English teachers, or other English schools in anyway

8. Meeting outside the class excluding school events

9. Emailing regarding non-teaching matters

10. Conducting anything business related that isn’t connected to the lesson

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions please explain why here:


Please answer honestly and we appreciate any comments and feedback.

1. Do you have any suggestions, from your teaching experience, how we can increase customer satisfaction?

2. Please share with us any ways you think Happy English can improve as a business (for example, specific ideas for events, workshops, communication within the company and paperwork).

3. Please tell us if you have any feedback or comments for Happy English?